Nailul Hafiz bin Abdul Rahim’s passion is in creating Transformations within people and organizations.

He contributed more than 8 years in the Public Sector before being headhunted to join a consulting firm. He then took the challenge of leading a business incubation consortium before moving on to form his own consultancy. Today he serves as resource person to organizations, ranging from World Bank, Governmental Organizations and MNCs relating to work in Strategy formulation, Capacity Assessment and Capacity Building, Public Service Reform, Leadership and Management Development, and Project Formulation, Structuring and Management.

In the course of his career, he has led myriad projects ranging from Large Events, Consulting, Organizational Marketing, Software Development to Infrastructure Development.

As a trainer and facilitator, he has the experience of engaging a spectrum of participants – age ranging from youths to retirees, rank and file staff to business leaders and owners. To date he has trained Civil Service officers from more than 60 countries from the most basic rank to Permanent / Under Secretaries.

For the Singapore Civil Service College, he developed and delivered the competency based Employability Skills training program under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications Scheme and has trained more than 5000 Civil Service officers under the program.

He has also trained on location in countries across South East Asia, Middle East and Africa on skills for Effective Service Performance, Policy Formulation, Project Management, Leadership, Public Service Innovation and Change Management.

One recent assignment involved design and facilitation of a community engagement effort by a statutory board to mobilize and organize the community towards social change efforts. Starting from developing a core team, conducting focus group discussions and townhall meetings through the use of large group facilitation techniques, culminating in a National Convention. Nailul holds a B.Eng (Elect) S’pore, MSc. (CCA) Nan Tech, ACTA (WDA), PMP.