Project Description

This writing programme is for officers who communicate with clients over email messages and letters. They want to create positive client impressions and relationships through effective communication which comes in a written form.

Programme Outline

  • Introduction: Importance of effective and customer centric writing
  • Basic Elements In Business Writing: Structure of writing ranging from letters to reports; 10 Steps to effective writing techniques; Importance of grammar and staying relevant with customer focused writing strategies.
  • Email Techniques: putting messages across with offencing clients and complaints management.
  • Effective planning and tone management
  • Programme Objectives
    At the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

    • Describe and apply principles of service quality in client communications.
    • Recognise different client personality styles and adapt to address clients’ needs and expectations.
    • Apply writing techniques to write concisely and clearly.
    • Use a positive tone when writing to clients.
    • Write in a reader-centric manner that uses language and words that connect with the client.
    • Address client needs with sufficient depth and scope.
    • Organise the message in a coherent and impactful manner.
    • Address complaints and feedback in a positive and effective way.
    • Apply recommended phrases and words to improve quality and clarity of writing.
    • Improve the quality of writing by avoiding common mistakes in writing and grammar.

    Who Should Attend
    Junior / Middle level officers.