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Port Development and Competitiveness

Globalab, again in partnership with the Singapore Cooperation Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, conducted a one-week workshop on Port Development and Competitiveness in December 2016. There were 28 participants from 26 different countries all of whom held senior positions in the port industry. The one week course covered competitive strategies to stay relevant and competent in a such a dynamic industry. The trainers in charge of the programme had a wealth of knowledge in this industry with well over 20 years of experience. There were 2 visits to the Port of Singapore Authority and Jurong Port to […]

Developing Government Strategies for SME Development

22 delegates from various Ministries and the National State Assembly of Lao PDR took part in this week’s course on developing government strategies for SME development. Globalab again is the partner to the Singapore Cooperation Programme in the design and delivery of this programme. Delegates were briefed on the SME policy framework and the whole of government approach that provided Singapore SMEs all the opportunities to grow, develop and to become independent and well performing companies within the domestic economy and in the export sector. Best practices in policy making, implementation and the key issues of finance, innovation and competitiveness […]

Public Private Partnership for Infrastructure Development Workshop

Globalab was in Vientiane for another Public Private Partnership for Infrastructure Development workshop. 20 delegates from various Ministries are following this workshop. The challenges faced are numerous as the Lao PDR is only just opening up to PPPs and the concept is still new. Existing projects on roads and hydropower were discussed as future PPP projects. Discussion centred on how to engage the private sector effectively so as to create and develop the partnership along with project management skills.

Globalab in partnership with the Singapore Cooperation Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Public Private Partnership

Globalab, again in partnership with the Singapore Cooperation Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs conducted a one-week workshop on Public Private Partnership in Infrastructure Development in Singapore this week, November 2016. There were 34 delegates from 31 countries, mostly very senior officials in PPP projects, attended. The course took them through critical issues in PPP management, contracts, governance, whole of government approach, technology, finance, risk management and also negotiation skills. There were two visits to NeWater-Bedok, a water treatment PPP facility; and the Singapore Sports Hub. The delegates were very satisfied with the course, some calling it very practical […]

Phnom Penh

Globalab completed another successful programme on Developing Government Strategies for SME Development for policy makers in Phnom Penh in early October 2016.  This workshop drew many policy makers from several Government departments and agencies to discuss the challenges that SMEs face in Cambodia. Delegates were given illustrations of SME policy development in the Singapore context and they learnt about the incentives, development issues and how to address challenges in the Cambodian context.


The one-week workshop saw about 20 policy makers from several Government ministries learn about SME development policies and strategies based on the Singapore experience. Issues pertaining to SME […]


Globalab Conducts Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Course in Lao PDR

Course Dates: 1-5 August 2016

Globalab conducted the first of several courses on Public Private Partnerships for the CMLV countries. The first run took place in Vientiane, Lao PDR from 1-5 August 2016 at the Laos-Singapore Training Center. This first edition saw 21 participants from various Government Ministries taking part in this general programme. They were from the Bank of Lao PDR, Ministries of Industry and Commerce; Finance, Planning & Investment, Post & Telecommunications, Public Works Department, Science and Technology.

The issue of PPP was relatively new to most participants especially a partnership […]


Initiative for ASEAN Integration

FDI Promotion Strategies and Enabling Private Sector Development

Course Dates: 25 – 29 April 2016

It was my first time in Yangon, Myanmar to lead this course for 24 delegates who came from various ministries and departments and who worked on FDI promotion strategies and in private sector development. This series was part of the Initiative for ASEAN Integration. It was held at the Singapore Myanmar Vocational Training Institute in the Tamwe Township. I was excited to be there especially as Myanmar is going through a change and I wanted to be part of it.

Private sector development is an […]