Project Description

Singapore-Commonwealth Third Country Training Programme
“Innovation and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises: The Singapore Experience”


  • Share the Singapore experience in using innovation as an efficient tool to create MSME development programmes that are sustainable, fundamentally sound and financially viable
  • Provide an overview of the policies and initiatives that nurture entrepreneurship and enhance the competitiveness of a country’s MSME sector based on the Singapore experience
  • Enable participants to share their own experiences in MSME development programmes, existing or planned, and learn how to instill learning from the Singapore experience in their own initiatives

Programme Structure
The workshop will be held over five days and the following themes will be covered:

  • Singapore innovation and knowledge based strategies: Development of MSMEs, competition practices, growth trends and key challenges in a global marketplace
  • Public-Private Partnership in nurturing and growing MSMEs from schools to industries: Government, Association and Private Sector involvement
  • Developing a living and innovative hub in the global marketplace
  • Process Innovation strategies
  • Open door for MSMEs keen on developing products and services for a good living environment.