About GlobaLab

It is not often that you come across a great synergy between ex-government officials and private sector experts. We have achieved this through years of collaboration and hard work. Our gurus will provide you the leap strategy. Through training, consulting and mentoring, transform into the expert you aspire to be.

Our consultants and trainers have conducted  various workshops for international and Singapore based government and non-government organisations including listed companies.

Our value creation areas and courses include:

  1. Strategy-centric business programmes: business intelligence, purpose centred networking, negotiation and communication, leadership with EQ and cross cultural engagements for business success.
  2. International government programmes: country intelligence and risk management, trade and investment negotiation, corporate governance, understanding investment and free trade agreements, promotional strategies for private sector development, country branding strategies, research, government data analytics, innovation and entrepreneurship for public sector.


GlobaLab Pte Ltd
A leader in economic policy making through consultancy, research and training.


GlobaLab Pte Ltd
To be relevant in a changing world through evidence-based policy making and excellence in sharing good practices.