Project Description

Course Overview
The call for innovation and productivity improvement has revived the core need of an organisation to continuously stay competitive.

The course will provide an overview of key principles covering innovation and productivity by defining the terms, issues in current practices and measurement. It will cover strategies for sustainable innovation by analysing the four key roles in the innovation process: creator, advancer, refiner and executive.

As the key concern of innovation is the improvement of productivity and service standards in an organisation, the following core areas will be shared in the programme:

  • Approaches, frameworks, processes for institutionalising productivity
  • Developing employee performance measurements into service standards
  • Creating an innovation culture and process in the organisation for sustainability

The programme will have mini lectures, case studies and discussions to assist participants to learn and apply.

  • To apply basic principles of innovation and productivity
  • To understand what are the key processes for sustainable productivity improvement in an organisation
  • To develop employee process excellence measurements in an organisation

Programme Objectives
At the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  • To better manage a demanding client when necessary while maintaining a friendly relationship.
  • To better understand client expectations and how they impact the level of service clients feel they have received
  • To enhance client engagement through choice of more client-focused language, tone of voice, and listening skills
  • To learn how to better manage and turn-around upset clients and difficult situations

Who Should Attend
Managers, supervisors and executives who wish to improve their ability to think creatively and generate innovative ideas to enable the organisation to stay competitive.
Course Outline

Day 1: Innovation and Creativity

  • Distinguish innovation and creativity
  • Understand the key features of an innovative organisation
  • Explain four key innovative processes for a sustainable workplace service improvement
  • Identify barriers and issues that challenge the innovative process

Day 2: Productivity

  • Gain insights into current productivity tools that could improve human performance and service standards
  • Apply the 7 QC tools at workplace for sustainable productivity improvement
  • Apply 5S system in workplace process improvement
  • Case study on productivity application in Singapore

Productivity Measurements:

  • Develop process measurement culture
  • Establish service measurements related to service standards
  • Apply Balance Scorecard to enable process measurement at workplace